Suchergebnis für Trainer: Gerard A. Butler

DatumRennenPlatzPferdAlterGewicht JockeyTrainerOrtLand KategorieDistanz
04.11. 2011Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic3Pachattack (USA)556.0Skl.Rajiv MaraghGerard A. ButlerdiverseUSAFlatGrade 11800m / 1m1f (Dirt)
13.08. 2011Beverly D. Stakes8Pachattack (USA)556.0Skl.Florent GerouxGerard A. ButlerArlingtonUSAFlatGrade 11900m / 1m1½f
01.05. 2011Qatar Bloodstock Dahlia Stakes9Pachattack (USA)556.0pNeil CallanGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 31m1f / 1800m
26.03. 2011Sportingbet Supports Heros Winter Derby3Pachattack (USA)556.0Skl.Neil CallanGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
16.10. 2010E.P. Taylor Stakes5Pachattack (USA)456.0Chantal SutherlandGerard A. ButlerWoodbineCANFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f
16.10. 2010Pride Stakes11Tinaar (USA)458.5Thomas Peter QueallyGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11m4f / 2400m
04.09. 2010International France Galop-FRBC Anatolia Trophy4Dansant (GB)660.0Olivier PeslierGerard A. ButlerVeliefendiTURFlatGroup 22000m / 1m2f
21.08. 2010Beverly D. Stakes6Pachattack (USA)456.0Kieren FallonGerard A. ButlerArlingtonUSAFlatGrade 11900m / 1m1½f
07.07. 2010Etihad Airways Falmouth Stakes8Lahaleeb (IRE)459.5William BuickGerard A. ButlerNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
03.07. 2010bet365 Lancashire Oaks8Tinaar (USA)459.5Phillip MakinGerard A. ButlerHaydockGBFlatGroup 21m4f / 2400m
20.03. 2010sportingbet Supports Heros Winter Derby7Beauchamp Viceroy (GB)657.0pRyan MooreGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
20.06. 2009Hardwicke Stakes3Dansant (GB)557.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 22400m / 1m4f
19.06. 2009King Edward VII Stakes12Beauchamp Xerxes (GB)356.0Dane O'NeillGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 22400m / 1m4f
13.05. 2009Tattersalls Musidora Stakes5Pachattack (USA)356.0Lanfranco DettoriGerard A. ButlerYorkGBFlatGroup 32100m / 1m2½f
07.09. 2008Coolmore Fusaichi Pegasus Matron Stakes9Baharah (USA)458.5Robert WinstonGerard A. ButlerLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
23.08. 2008toteswinger Prestige Stakes9Pachattack (USA)257.0Lanfranco DettoriGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
29.05. 2008Betfair Brigadier Gerard Stakes10Dansant (GB)457.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerSandownGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
29.03. 2008Dubai Sheema Classic (Sponsored by Nakheel)16Dansant (GB)456.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
29.03. 2008Godolphin Mile (Sponsored by Etisalat)14Baharah (USA)455.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21800m / 1m1f (Dirt)
15.03. 2008betdirect.com Winter Derby (3rd Leg of The European All Weather Series)2Silver Pivotal (IRE)456.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
24.11. 2007Japan Cup Dirt12Jack Sullivan (USA)657.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerHanshinJPNFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2½
25.03. 2006Godolphin Mile (Sponsored by Jebel Ali International Hotels)3Jack Sullivan (USA)557.0tEddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21800m / 1m1f (Dirt)
18.03. 2006betdirect.co.uk Winter Derby (3rd Leg of The European All Weather Series)13Compton Bolter (IRE)957.5Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
18.03. 2006betdirect.co.uk Winter Derby (3rd Leg of The European All Weather Series)3Nayyir (GB)856.0Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
07.01. 2006Anglo Irish Bank Corporate Treasury Tolworth Hurdle5Compton Bolter (IRE)973.0Tony McCoyGerard A. ButlerSandownGBNational HuntGrade 13300m / 2m½f
29.10. 2005Breeders' Cup Classic - Powered by Dodge12Jack Sullivan (USA)457.0Lanfranco DettoriGerard A. ButlerdiverseUSAFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f (Dirt)
08.09. 2005GNER Doncaster Cup5Jagger (GB)557.5Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerDoncasterGBFlatGroup 23600m / 2m2f
27.07. 2005Veuve Clicquot Vintage Stakes5League Champion (USA)256.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 27f / 1400m
27.07. 2005Cantor Spreadfair Sussex Stakes4Nayyir (GB)760.5Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
02.07. 2005bet365 Lancashire Oaks3Natalie Jane (IRE)352.5Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerHaydockGBFlatGroup 21m4f / 2400m
14.06. 2005Coventry Stakes7League Champion (USA)256.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
01.05. 2005VCbet Dahlia Stakes1Tarfah (USA)455.0Seb SandersGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 31m1f / 1800m
26.03. 2005Dubai World Cup Sponsored By Emirates Airline4Jack Sullivan (USA)457.0tDarryll HollandGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f (Dirt)
19.03. 2005Littlewoods Bet Direct Winter Derby4Compton Bolter (IRE)856.0tDarryll HollandGerard A. ButlerLingfieldGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
05.03. 2005Aati Dubai City Of Gold5Jagger (GB)556.0tEddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 22500m / 1m4½f
24.10. 2004Wettarena Baden Sprint-Cup12Blaise Castle (USA)454.5Robert WinstonGerard A. ButlerBaden-BadenGERFlatGruppe III1400m
09.10. 2004Prix de la Forêt6Nayyir (GB)658.0Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
25.09. 2004Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (Sponsored By NetJets)4Nayyir (GB)657.5Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.09. 2004Irish Field St. Leger11Jagger (GB)461.0Declan P. McDonoghGerard A. ButlerCurraghIREFlatGroup 12800m / 1m6f
11.09. 2004Polypipe Flying Childers Stakes6Sumora (IRE)255.0Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerDoncasterGBFlatGroup 25f / 1000m
28.07. 2004Cantor Odds Sussex Stakes2Nayyir (GB)660.5Michael J. KinaneGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
08.07. 2004Darley July Cup16Nayyir (GB)659.5Richard HughesGerard A. ButlerNewmarket (July)GBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
15.06. 2004Queen Anne Stakes16Beauchamp Pilot (GB)657.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
27.03. 2004Dubai Sheema Classic10Compton Bolter (IRE)756.0Skl.Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
27.03. 2004Dubai Duty Free Stakes3Nayyir (GB)657.0Michael J. KinaneGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 11777m / 1m1f
27.03. 2004UAE Derby4Jack Sullivan (USA)355.0Michael J. KinaneGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21900m / 1m1½f
06.03. 2004Burjuman Dubai City Of Gold Stakes10Compton Bolter (IRE)756.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 22500m / 1m4½f
12.10. 2003Prix de la Forêt9Blaise Castle (USA)356.0Eric LegrixGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 11400m / 7f
05.10. 2003Prix Marcel Boussac Royal Barriere de Deauville14Donna Vita (GB)256.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
16.08. 2003Arlington Million XXI12Beauchamp Pilot (GB)557.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerArlingtonUSAFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f
10.08. 2003Prix Maurice de Gheest8Nayyir (GB)558.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11300m / 6½f
31.07. 2003Lady O Goodwood Cup7Sentinel (GB)459.0tEddie AhernGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 23200m / 2m
21.06. 2003Hardwicke Stakes9Compton Bolter (IRE)655.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 22400m / 1m4f
20.06. 2003Coronation Stakes7Blaise Castle (USA)357.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
17.06. 2003King's Stand Stakes6Elusive City (USA)355.5tGary StevensGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
17.06. 2003Queen Anne Stakes8Beauchamp Pilot (GB)557.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
07.06. 2003Vodafone Derby Stakes10Shield (GB)357.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
06.06. 2003Vodafone Oaks4Inchberry (GB)357.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
11.05. 2003Gainsborough Poule d'Essai des Poulains9Elusive City (USA)358.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
08.03. 2003Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum Challenge Stakes (Round III)3Beauchamp Pilot (GB)558.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f (Dirt)
08.03. 2003Jebel Hatta8Compton Dragon (USA)457.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 11777m / 1m1f
05.10. 2002Peugeot Sun Chariot Stakes7Mexican Hawk (USA)355.5Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
03.10. 2002Shadwell Stud Middle Park Stakes3Elusive City (USA)256.0Kieren FallonGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
07.09. 2002Stanley Leisure Sprint Cup10Nayyir (GB)457.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerHaydockGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
07.09. 2002Ireland The Food Island Champion Stakes7Common World (USA)356.0John Patrick MurtaghGerard A. ButlerLeopardstownIREFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
25.08. 2002Prix Morny Casinos Barriere1Elusive City (USA)257.0Kieren FallonGerard A. ButlerDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
11.08. 2002Prix Maurice de Gheest3Nayyir (GB)458.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerDeauvilleFRFlatGroup 11300m / 6½f
30.07. 2002Gerrard Investment Management Richmond StakesDSQElusive City (USA)256.0Kieren FallonGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 26f / 1200m
18.06. 2002Queen Anne Stakes4Nayyir (GB)458.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
04.05. 2002Sagitta 2000 Guineas Stakes Showcase Race7Compton Dragon (USA)357.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.04. 2002Macau Jockey Club Craven Stakes4Compton Dragon (USA)355.0Eddie AhernGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 31600m / 1m
16.09. 2001Prix Vermeille Hermitage Barriere9Inchiri (GB)357.0Francis NortonGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
15.09. 2001Polypipe Flying Childers Stakes2Swiss Lake (USA)254.0Kevin DarleyGerard A. ButlerDoncasterGBFlatGroup 25f / 1000m
18.08. 2001Arlington Million11Compton Bolter (IRE)457.0Micky FentonGerard A. ButlerArlingtonUSAFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f
21.06. 2001Gold Cup (Class A) Showcase Race10Kuwait Trooper (USA)457.0Kieren FallonGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 14000m / 2m4f
20.06. 2001Prince of Wales's Stakes9Compton Bolter (IRE)457.0Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
19.06. 2001King's Stand Stakes15Compton Banker (IRE)458.0Skl. (1)Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11000m / 5f
09.06. 2001Belmont Stakes9Dr Greenfield (IRE)357.0Edgar S. PradoGerard A. ButlerBelmont ParkUSAFlatGrade 12400m / 1m4f (Dirt)
29.05. 2001Credit Suisse First Boston Brigadier Gerard Stakes2Compton Bolter (IRE)455.5Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerSandownGBFlatGroup 31m2f / 2000m
05.05. 2001Sagitta 2000 Guineas Stakes Showcase Race7Mayville Thunder (GB)357.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
17.04. 2001Shadwell Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes6Sunsetter (USA)355.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
24.03. 2001Godolphin Mile14Compton Bolter (IRE)457.0Jamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21800m / 1m1f (Dirt)
29.10. 2000Criterium de Saint-Cloud2Reduit (GB)257.0Lanfranco DettoriGerard A. ButlerSaint-CloudFRFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
14.10. 2000Dubai Champion Stakes7Compton Bolter (IRE)356.0tJamie SpencerGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
08.10. 2000Grosser Preis von E-Plus - Grosser Preis von DüsseldorfNRBlusienka (IRE)3Gerard A. ButlerDüsseldorfGERFlatGruppe III1700m
26.09. 2000Shadwell Stud Cheveley Park Stakes9Sunsetter (USA)256.0Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11200m / 6f
09.09. 2000Rothmans Royals St Leger Stakes Showcase Race11Kuwait Trooper (USA)357.0Skl.Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerDoncasterGBFlatGroup 12900m / 1m6½f
19.08. 2000Secretariat Stakes5Compton Bolter (IRE)351.5Skl.Alex SolisGerard A. ButlerArlingtonUSAFlatGrade 12000m / 1m2f
05.08. 2000Vodafone Nassau Stakes3Princess Ellen (GB)353.5Kevin DarleyGerard A. ButlerGoodwoodGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
23.06. 2000Coronation Stakes2Princess Ellen (GB)357.0Kevin DarleyGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
22.06. 2000Gold Cup (Class A) Showcase Race3Compton Ace (GB)457.0tRichard HughesGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 14000m / 2m4f
20.06. 2000St James's Palace Stakes9Compton Bolter (IRE)357.0Thierry JarnetGerard A. ButlerAscotGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
09.06. 2000Vodafone Oaks Stakes13Whitefoot (GB)357.0Olivier PeslierGerard A. ButlerEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
28.05. 2000Entenmann's Irish 1,000 Guineas5Princess Ellen (GB)357.0Kevin DarleyGerard A. ButlerCurraghIREFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
21.05. 2000Prix Saint-Alary5Blusienka (IRE)357.0Thierry JarnetGerard A. ButlerLongchampFRFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
07.05. 2000Sagitta 1000 Guineas Stakes Showcase Race2Princess Ellen (GB)357.0Kevin DarleyGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
06.05. 2000Sagitta 2000 Guineas Stakes Showcase Race5Compton Bolter (IRE)357.0Thierry JarnetGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
18.04. 2000Shadwell Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes8Princess Ellen (GB)355.0Jimmy FortuneGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 37f / 1400m
25.03. 2000UAE Derby8Compton Bolter (IRE)357.0Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerMeydanDUBFlatGroup 21900m / 1m1½f
11.09. 1999Rothmans Royals St Leger Stakes5Tchaikovsky (IRE)357.0Gerald MosseGerard A. ButlerDoncasterGBFlatGroup 12900m / 1m6½f
18.08. 1999Scottish Equitable Gimcrack Stakes7Compton Banker (IRE)256.0Gary StevensGerard A. ButlerYorkGBFlatGroup 21200m / 6f
17.08. 1999Juddmonte International Stakes5Compton Admiral (GB)356.0Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerYorkGBFlatGroup 12100m / 1m2½f
03.07. 1999Coral-Eclipse Stakes1Compton Admiral (GB)355.5Darryll HollandGerard A. ButlerSandownGBFlatGroup 12000m / 1m2f
05.06. 1999Vodafone Derby Stakes8Compton Admiral (GB)357.0Thierry JarnetGerard A. ButlerEpsomGBFlatGroup 12400m / 1m4f
01.05. 1999Sagitta 2000 Guineas Stakes Showcase Race13Compton Admiral (GB)357.0Pat EdderyGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m
15.04. 1999The City Index Craven Stakes1Compton Admiral (GB)355.0Lanfranco DettoriGerard A. ButlerNewmarketGBFlatGroup 31600m / 1m
16.05. 1998Juddmonte Lockinge Stakes9Beauchamp King (GB)557.0John ReidGerard A. ButlerNewburyGBFlatGroup 11600m / 1m